Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow
— Imogen Cunningham
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Welcome to Ashley Bloom Images. 

I am a London-based photographer, illustrator and graphic designer, with a passion for image-making.

"For a long time I avoided picking up a camera. My primary interest had always been illustration and I considered photography just a bit too easy. But a few years ago my resistance lowered and i got curious.

Curiosity became interest, interest became a hobby, and a hobby finally became an obsession. I got a greater understanding of the skill and science involved in capturing beautiful images and now i'm hooked. I try to work in a documentary style. capturing the world around without becoming too involved."

I studied graphic design and illustration at the University of the Arts London, and began working as a freelancer after graduating, and I’ve also exhibited at galleries across London with the Side Effects art collective.

Tel: +44 7709 429 715

Email: info@ashleybloom.net